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At NowPublic, we’ve got a set of tools to help you gather and distribute your news…

Are you a Blogger?

Want to upload from your mobile phone?

Got photos or videos?

Want to share something you’re reading on the web?

Let us know what your approach is and we’ll match you up
with tools that can power up your news making chops.

Or, you can just browse through the tools we have…

Upload Photos & Videos

You can upload photos and video to stories on NowPublic. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Who knows what a video’s worth. Add rich content to any story on NowPublic and if our partners pick it up, you could get rich too.

Crowd Power

Don’t have your own footage? You can access all the newsy media goodness that the web has to offer with our crowd power tool. Make your great story greater by getting footage from our community of eyewitness reporters.


Grab anything on the web you think is news. One click gets your story started, and connects you to a worldwide network of eyewitness reporters. And, hey, if you have a blog, Highlight gets you readers.

Show NowPublic on your Site

Cheese and Pizza… Root beer and Ice Cream… PB & J… Just like food goes with other food, so your blog goes with the NowPublic widget! If you have a blog you can easily add a customized version of our widget to your site.

NowPublic on Facebook

Got Face? Show your latest stories or the NowPublic Front Page on your Facebook profile using our handy dandy Facebook application. NowPublic and Facebook, together at last.

NowPublic Mobile Upload

Extra, extra! Get the real scoop and share it faster than you can say "Stop the presses!" by emailing us your text, photos and video from your mobile phone. Stick a press card in your cap: you’re ready.

RSS Feeds

‘zilla? … Gator? Or maybe you prefer some other animal in the Reader Zoo. Add any content from NowPublic to your news feed reader or blog anwhere on our site you see this well-known icon.

Voice Reports

Everyone and their lap dog’s got a cell phone, right? Why not put those puppies (the phones and the dogs with phones) to good use? Leave a voice message at 1.866.225.9530 to tell us what’s going down in your area.

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