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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 skids off snowy runway in Spokane

by Cubbie_n_Vegas | January 28, 2008 at 12:31 am | 601 views | 2 comments
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Snow has caused a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 to slide off a runway while making a landing at Spokane International Airport. No one was hurt, and the plane was not damaged. An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 landed afterwards and was able to stop without hitting the stranded Southwest Airlines.

The Federal Aviation Administration in Seattle confirmed that flight 485 from Albuquerque to Spokane skidded off the runway during landing. The flight also made stops in Sacramento and Portland.

A passenger on the Southwest Airlines plane sent an email to KREM 2 News saying, “trucks were unable to pull the plane back onto the runway, and that buses will take all passengers back to the terminal.”

There’s no word on subsequent delays and cancellations of other flights taking off and landing at SIA.



January 28, 2008 at 12:31 am by Cubbie_n_Vegas, 601 views, 2 comments

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good stuff:

Cubbie_n_Vegas, thanks for this — looking for pics and video now…

news wanted:

I think this is an important story and would benefit from other NowPublic contributors working on it. I’ve flagged it as News Wanted and invite others in relevant locations to look for more evidence.

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Brian A Kennedy
First Flagged at 6:45 AM, Jan 28, 2008 by Brian A Kennedy

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