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Cheese and Pizza. Root beer and Ice Cream. PB & J. Just like food goes with other food, so your blog goes with the NowPublic widget.

If you have a blog hosted by Blogger, you can easily get a customized version of the NowPublic widget. Both you and your readers will be able to see NowPublic stories, photos and video in all their glory on your blog. You’ll get more eyes on your stories, and we’ll get more folks coming to us. We’ll be the PB and you’ll be the J! Delicious.

Those non-Blogger blogs

Not a Blogger blogger? No biggie. If you have your own site with Javascript capability, then you can use the widget too.

If you host a site somewhere other than Blogger, you can still widget up if you have Template editing and Javascript capabilities. Not to send you off on an iceberg, here, but you’ll have to work out the details yourself. Consult your blog provider’s help pages for more info.

What’s in this for me?

Good of you to ask. Let’s be honest: Right now, the benefits to you are largely ego-based. Your widget currently works best for you if it’s showing the world your stories. It works for us pretty much no matter what. The cool thing about being involved right now is that you get to play around and be part of the process for making the widget bigger, better and more useful as we go forward. Send us an email to let us know what you think about it. Happy widgeting!

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