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SAY NO TO BEIJING: Tibetan Outcry

by azzayindia | March 17, 2008 at 05:14 am | 630 views | 8 comments

SAY NO TO BEIJING: Tibetan Outcry

by Caoimhin1
updated 1 day ago | 16 views

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Mussoorie:The incidents of last week’s peaceful protest  led by Tibetan monks at Lhasa:Capital of Tibet, which led to death of several protesters in the firing by Chinese authority have ignited  protest from the Tibetan community World wide.

The community is appalled at the brutal force being used by Chinese authority thus leading to protest marches around the world including India.Similar protest candle march was held at sleepy hill station town of Mussoorie (India).

Last Saturday at Mussoorie which was organized under the banner of Tibetan Youth Congress, Regional Tibetan Women Association and Tibetan Freedom Movement, The March began from Happy valley  in which hundred of Tibetans from all walks of life participated raising slogan  and lighting candle against the Chinese Repression.

The protest march culminated at the Gandhi Chowk at library bazaar. The official of the Tibetan youth Congress in their press release stated that the peaceful protest march was organized in memory of martyrs at Lhasa who bravely laid their lives against the Chinese oppression.The protest rallies began as a result of incidents on 10 march uprising celebration day. Several participating monks were held in Captivity by Chinese Regime which sparked of spontaneous protest in the Lhasa region.

The most affected regions in Tibet Were the province of Aamdo and khamb where Tibetans came out in large numbers in support their captured bretherens . Following this Chinese regime has imposed a curfew in the region followed by rampant shooting which has led to more  deaths The unconfirmed reports of death tally reached to hundred. Chinese news agency however claimed 10 deaths.

The Tibetan youth congress has appealed to international community to show a proactive support to the Tibetan Freedom movement and condemn the atrocities being carried out by the Chinese authority.

Dalai Lama: The religious head, residing in Dharmshala the capital of Tibetan Government in exile, lambasted the Indian government for its over cautious approach and appealed the government to be more outspoken in their view of the incidents.

He added by stating that he was not against Beijing Olympics, in general.

However the Tibetan youth differed on that view and they felt that Sports and blood bath policy of China could not carry on hand in hand.

They were of the view that at this critical juncture the International Olympic Association cannot go on with the games as this will send an impression that the organisation is siding with the Chinese Authorities and IOA Hands would also be dipped with blood of the Tibetans who have been martyred.

TYC further appealed to the world community to Boycott the Olympic Games at Beijing.The International community meanwhile has appealed to the Chinese Government to show restraint in handling of the situation, which many Tibetans feel is not enough.

March 17, 2008 at 05:14 am by azzayindia, 630 views, 8 comments

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good stuff:

azzayindia, I like this story. It’s good stuff.

news wanted:

I think this is an important story and would benefit from other NowPublic contributors working on it. I’ve flagged it as News Wanted and invite others in relevant locations to look for more evidence.

China does not repress religious freedom. What is religion? Religion is a set of beliefs that believes in a superior maker or creator who believes in nonviolence.  The State of China fully supports any religion or organization that abides by nonviolent venues. Nonviolence represents truth and honor and respect and dignity. China’s PR fully supports those good society ideals. But violence broke out in protest in China’s Tibet Lhasa, and when this happens and Monks and Supporters of the violence started to destroy other peoples property and causing life and death situations. Of course China being a State has come to ensure order, to stop the violence. 

Religions that practice violence are subject to exposing themselves as not religions as the Dali Lama has provoked.  This sends a signal to the State of China  that really the Religion in Tibet is a violent religion, and so what has the Dali Lama accomplished? Nothing but mistrust. Tibet is part of China I believe; having traced China history and its roots. In fact people misunderstood why China Troops came to Tibet. It was not because of taking over Tibet. How could they come to take over a region that was already part of China? The real reason they came to Tibet was to assure security of the borders from India- Pakistan, which were still opium producers left over from the British Imperialistic Opium Drug Trade that wrecked havoc on the world. Do you think China wanted more Opium wars, which resulted in their loss of their land and country to Britain namely Hong Kong, to happen in Tibet? Not on your life. Do you think they want to have Opium or drugs smuggled into China from Tibet? No of course not.  Do you think people can understand the truth to these things? Of course not. People break the law and blame someone else.

If China did not come to Tibet and allowed the protests to continue with looting and destruction of property and killing of Chinese people living in Tibet, what would that bring as a result? That Tibet a religion got its Independence by killing innocent people?  The Dali Lama does not practice nonviolence, and has not fully supported those efforts. If he truly is the Dali Lama, he would denounce the violence and work toward efforts to help change governments in the world to end their military apparatus. When there is no enemy what need for an army?  Religions I blame for the creation of the State. Their violence to each other has created the State to impose its rules toward governing society. China has a long history where Religion came to their lands by missionaries, to have them become violent enterprises that have supported drug use and wrong ideals to society. It is why they have a nonreligious attitude toward their statehood. Until religions can prove they are really religious which means they represent nonviolence even at the face of violence, then militaries will always quash the misguided religious rebels.

Normally I don’t poke my head into these discussions, but the internet would like to disagree with you:

There are particular concerns over reports of torture,[20] illegal imprisonment including forced labour, and psychiatric abuses.[49] Falun Gong related cases comprise 66% of all reported torture cases in China,[18] and at least half of the labour camp population.[19]
Since 2006, Falun Gong has alleged systematic organ harvesting from
living practitioners, and an investigation led by two Canadian
parliamentarians has lent some support to the claims. According to David Matas, one of the investigators, his evidence “has not been refuted”[50][51]. Kilgour and Matas’s conclusions have been questioned by the Congressional Research Service, which regarded them as inconsistent with the findings of other investigations, relying largely on logical inferences.[citation needed] The Christian Science Monitor states that the report’s evidence is circumstantial but persuasive.[52]

The U.S. House of Representatives
accused China of unlawful harassment of United States citizens and
residents who practice Falun Gong, and passed a resolution unanimously
calling on the Chinese government to “cease its persecution and
harassment of Falun Gong practitioners in the United States”[citation needed]
Practitioners also draw attention to their plight by demonstrating the
meditation exercises, distributing flyers, displaying banners,
initiating lawsuits, demonstrating outside Chinese consulates around
the world, and organising other public events such as lavish travelling
Chinese New Year shows[53].

Violent? How about children practicing christianity? Nope, that’s
against the law too. And god (or anyone) help you if they find out
you’re practicing it illegally.

Frankly, any ‘state’ that has a list of what religions are ok to
believe in has some major problems with suppressing freedom of speech
and religion. Doing it under the guise of ‘violent groups’ when there
has been no confirmation of any violence on the religious groups side
(excepting extremist groups, which exist in any nation) is blatantly false. 

600 peaceful monks protesting their lack of religious freedom
doesn’t constitute violent protests, and tear gassing and killing them
isn’t an acceptable response in a civilized society.

There are Churches in China, I live here I should know. The idea of religion and practice is two different topics of concern. Religions that seek organization and solicitation seek other things besides being religions. In all objective constructive analysis it is an attempt to overthrow the State. The United States certainly had no qualms in crushing the David Koresh Religion that was a violent sect.  600 monks protesting their lack of religious freedom is pretty much unfounded. What freedoms are they trying to extrude? Is it religion or economic controls? Is it Religion or trying to rule the State. The Chinese government doesn’t just shoot innocent people. Like Tiananmen Square, students became violent, and order needed to be restored. Is there a difference to that in comparison to Kent State University? I think not….except different time, but the issue was still about overthrowing the government. What stuck me with Tiananmen was that Deng Xiao Ping was for Democracy, and students were protesting him! Goes to prove Democracy implodes on itself constantly, while they try to blame other factors and situations. 

Religions in America are hardly free in comparison. They are as hypocritcal as the State. Most religions are made up of members of the State in America, which supports the use of guns and violence if they want.  I don’t know of any religions in the US that are exempt from paying taxes from their labor and work when they have to work in America during a time of War. They are forced to pay to support war even at the behest of their religious beliefs. This is hardly religious freedom in America; and America says they have freedom of religion? They certainly do not.

good stuff:

azzayindia, I like this story. It’s good stuff.

Ironically familar to China’s, “China can say no” movement from sixty years ago.

good stuff:

azzayindia, thanks for bringing this to us.  It certainly has sparked a lot of comment, but probably not nearly enough.  I think The Peoples’ Republic is the scariest country of them all.

good stuff:

azzayindia, I like this story. It’s good stuff.

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