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News happens when you least expect it; it’s pretty sneaky that way. Lucky for you, you’ve got your camera phone to capture all the juicy details. But what happens if you’ve got to pick up your dry cleaning or your bike gets stolen and you can’t get to your computer to upload it all fast enough? What if you’re worried that your good news will be old news by the time you do?

If you want to deliver the goods while they’re nice and hot—who doesn’t?—just upload from your phone directly to NowPublic by mailing your footage to [email protected].

How do I hook this up? Sock it to me!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy (we’ve been saving that one). Just visit your member page on NowPublic and select the “Settings” tab. In Settings, go to “Your Mobile Settings” and add your mobile phone’s email address (Don’t know what it is? More info in a minute). Now when you upload photos or video we’ll know they’re from you. Your footage will hop, skip and jump directly into your recent photos and videos on our site.

How do I get my Phone’s email Address?

This part’s not up to us; it’s up to you. (Sorry.) Check with your service provider to see what plan you’re signed up for. Each plan’s different, but many carriers have a numbering standard based on your 10-digit cell phone number. For example, a T-Mobile number in North America looks like this: [email protected].

Here are the email formats for some common North American carriers:

T-Mobile: [your number] @
Verizon Wireless: [your number] @
Rogers Wireless: [your number] @
Sprint PCS: [your number] @
Cingular Wireless: 1 + [your number] @
AT&T; PCS: [your number] @
Bell Atlantic: [your number] @
Bell Mobility (Canada): [your number]@
Cellular One: [your number] @
Comcast: [your number] @
Fido: [your number] @
Telus: [your number] @

Now What?

You’re all set to email news stories and media to us directly. Now when you see Steve Jobs slip on that banana peel (our favourite breaking news example), you can take a picture or video of him, his broken iPhone and the gathered crowd and email them to us from your phone.

(Note: Instructions on how to email from your phone vary from model to model; please see your phone’s manual for more information.)

Your account of events becomes the body of the email, and your pictures are attachments. Send it to [email protected], where it will be published automatically under your profile. Neato!

You can also add photos or videos to stories already on our site by emailing the story, photos and videos. Just make sure you write in the story ID (NP! #####) at the beginning of the email body.

That’s it! Couldn’t be easier, could it? Well, maybe if your mobile phone was a magic wand it could. But until technology makes that possible (Steve Jobs, we’re looking at you!), you’ve got NowPublic’s Mobile Upload!

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