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I dub thee- Obamadilloes! Go forth and multiply.

by dunkelberg | February 14, 2008 at 11:52 am | 174 views | 2 comments
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Thousands of people in Texas are excited; I mean excited beyond words. For once, the Texas primary will have some say in who the Democratic Party’s presidential race.

Particularly exuberant are the Obamadilloes, the Texas supporters of Barack Obama. In Dallas, they are planning a rally for thousands, and the candidate won’t even be there. However, it is a “must” attend for the faithful.

We will organize a giant rally and march, ending at Fair Park and will mobilize Obama supporters from Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Navarro and Limestone counties (to name a few). We will see Babies for Obama, Obama Dallas, Obama Dallas Youth & Young Adults, BarackthevoteUSA, the Hip Hop Government, Latinos for Obama, TarrantCounty for Obama, Seniors for Obama….and more and more.
The path is being cleared for us by Ron Kirk who will speak at the event. He has been a long time Obama supporter.
The city has never seen anything like this – it will be the first time we will unveil our power through our numbers, our diversity, our solidarity and our commitment.
Everyone is encouraged make signs – make your statement – stand up and be counted!
Details are still being determined – We will keep you posted!

Thousands of Texas liberals not only are excited, but surprised by the excitement and then they are excited by the surprising excitement.

“Have you ever seen such excitement?” they ask.

“Yes,” I say.

“For Kennedy?” they ask, invoking the Obmadilloes’ patron saint of politics.

“For McGovern,” I say, “or Sissy Farenthold.”

George McGovern, of course, was the failed peace candidate shellacked by Richard Nixon in 1972. Sissy Farenthold was a Sixties icon of Texas liberalism who had a failed bid for governor also in 1972.

“Buzzkill,” they say, knocking the dust of their sandals upon me and walking away.

Excitement is good, but – as they oversay* – you have to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Obamadilloes seem determined to do just that. My main connection has been keeping up with the Dallas Obamadilloes Obama Dallas gave the inspiration for Obamadilloes, based on the unofficial state mascot, the armadillo.  They did not seem as pleased as I thought they would be when I told them.

The Dallas Obamadilloes have been getting out into the community on a regular basis with food drives, neighborhood walks and other activities – at least they’ve been planning them on the website – for months. Sen. Obama himself has been in Dallas in person to shake down donors … ummmmm . … build support and raise campaign funds.

Hillary Clinton’s folks have been getting together regularly and have joined the ranks of volunteers invading foreign primary states. However, what I have noticed seems a bit sporadic, and I have not thought of a cute name for Hillary Clinton supporters anyway. I will keep trying. She also has come to Texas to shake down donors … uh … build support and raise campaign funds.

When some 20,000 Obamadilloes turned out at Lady Bird Lake in Austin about a year ago, it seemed more like a dream than a real hope. However, things are far different now.

The Texans for Obama website reports a grand opening of the Austin office this coming Saturday. Corpus Christi already has opened a volunteer-staffed office. Abilene for Obama has joined the ranks of Tarrant County, Dallas County, Harris County and a slew of others.

If Obamadilloes have their way, and they seem determined to do just that, Texas no longer will not be the sure-fire bet for Hillary Clinton many thought it would be.

It sure as hell won’t be the state of Boy George Bush anymore.

To that, I can only say – ahem – YEEHAH!

*See the clever use of a cliché by admitting it is a cliché, but still using it all the same?

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February 14, 2008 at 11:52 am by dunkelberg, 174 views, 2 comments

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(The derivation of the term “Obamadilloes” seems obvious except for that penultimate /

Does this mean that some Texans for Obama can expect to get leprosy?
Consider this posting:

… The so-called outbreak of leprosy, also known as Hansen’s Disease,
also is wrong, Phillips said. “As opposed to public perception, it is
difficult to acquire an infection with leprosy,” he said. … Hansen’s
Disease comes from a bacterial infection, which investigators believe
is spread through respiratory droplets. The bacteria may infect the 5
percent of the population not possessing a natural immunity. The
bacteria can come from armadillos, which is the only animal that
carries the organisms, said Phillips…. [end excerpt]

Aloha ~~~ Ozzie Maland ~~~ San Diego

Well, every commitment carries with it certain risks.


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