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Share the news with the click of a button! Highlight grabs anything on the web you think is news. One click gets your story started, and connects you to our worldwide network of eyewitness reporters. And if you have a blog, Highlight sends you readers.

Download Highlight: Firefox | Internet Explorer

Capture a nugget of an idea on the web, add images from our extensive archive submitted by contributors all over the world, and instantly have it published to one or all of your blogs.

At NowPublic, we’re creating a new kind of news, where the same people who experience interesting stuff get to report on what happened. That’s really different from the news we’ve been used to. With new tools, like Highlight, we’re all newsmakers and collaborators.

Just like your digital camera is your capture device for the outside world Highlight is your capture device on the web. Highlight allows you to select important bits on the web, turn them into interesting news and then drive traffic to up to 5 your blogs with one click. When you connect to the NowPublic News Network you get visibility for your stories and your blog, and you’re also tapped in to a network of eyewitness reporters and an extensive archive of photographs and footage to bring your stories to life.

Here’s what we cover in this section:

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