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It happens every day – sometimes every few minutes – that a story comes down the pike which deserves special promotion. It’s what we live for at NowPublic; we hope all our contributors’ stories get flagged this way. We’ve had people ask why we aren’t more effusive about our “Good Stuff”–why we don’t call it “Outrageously Fantastic Content,” for example. We don’t have to shout at NowPublic. We just want to quietly recognize exceptional work by our contributors.

It’s not just a select few who decide what’s good stuff. It’s you! You can have your say on what stories you think should be on the front page. When you read a story you like, remember… you’ve got your own flag to wave, and send your favorite stories soaring up the charts.

Who can use it? Super Editors, Editors, Wranglers, YOU!

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