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Power to the People!

Here at NowPublic we get a lot of contributions from our members (that’s you!). You post the stories, sure, but did you know you also get to weed out what’s weedy by promoting what’s fantastic? It’s true. Ever heard the old adage about the cream rising to the top? Well, that’s what we push for here at NowPublic. That’s our job, but it’s also yours — all our users have the power to promote stories with the “Good Stuff” flag.

So whoever and wherever you are, you have a say in what will make it to the homepage.

Flagging: How it Works

One of the benefits of joining NowPublic is that you get to help decide what stories make it to the front page. Flagging is your way of telling everyone what stories you think are “Good Stuff”. Each story page has a flag icon at the end of the story that look like this:

Hover over the flag and click on the good stuff icon. Once you’ve submitted your request you’ll get the chance to let the author know why you think their story earns your praise, we’ve left you a template.. but make it your own. Submit the flag and watch the story move up towards the front page.

Once you’ve honed your skills on the site you may graduate to Wrangler status. Dazzle us with your lasso tricks get your stetson and maybe we’ll even make you a Guest Editor . If you are invited to be a Guest Editor you can watch your powers grow: you’ll notice that when you flag a story you’ve got more options that look something like this:

Just like the good stuff flag you’ll get a chance to leave your comment, you may also notice that there’s a bit more breeze in your flag and the stories you flag move up the a little quicker. Keep on reading to learn more about what each flag means.

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