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Being a member of is kind of like going to a big house party. You can interact with whoever you want; people from all over the world are here. You can join conversations, comment on folks’ stories, and give people high fives (by flagging stories Good Stuff).

Just like dressing like a pirate or ditching your pants, one way to get attention at this party is to add great images to your stories. NowPublic has a gallery of tens of thousands of photos and videos, and all party-goers can associate any of those images to any story on NowPublic, making stories bigger, better, and more visible. We call this Crowd-Sourcing.

Here’s what you may want to know about starting a party on NowPublic:

This section will help you turn this little shindig into something more like a block party (the more the merrier!), soon you’ll be able to take Crowd-Sourcing to the next level. While any NowPublic user can link YouTube videos to their story, if you’re a friend of ours and you add your Flickr account to your member page, you can reach over the fence to the Flickr party and grab some photos.

This is just the beginning, however. The world’s a big place with tons of parties, and we want to get in on lots of them. Watch for more tools and ways to enhance your stories in the next few months.

You’ll find the Crowd Power tool at the bottom of any story when you are logged in. Here’s an example:

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